Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet And Innocent

Well, the first day of 1st grade came and went so fast.  I was so worried to see how Tama would adjust to 1st grade, a new teacher, new students, and no more year round.  But like always he does things with a positive attitude and supprises us.  Although, he is a big mama's boy and was a little hesitant for us to leave right away, he came home so happy because he made a friend (A Best Friend).  This is  how that story goes:  A little boy from his class also plays for the mustangs, but not on Tamas team he plays for team 2.  So the little boy and Tama recognized each other from previous scrimages and said "hey I know you and he said do you play for the mustangs and Tama said yes and the little boy said cool lets be best friends, and Tama said okay".  So I told Tama, cool you have a friend and he said no a best friend.  So it got me thinking man if only it was this easy when you are an adult.  But with all the hatred, racism, and judgement it is hard to find friends now a days.  Where has our sweet innocence gone?  When do we lose it?  Why do we lose it?  I really am trying to teach my children to love people of all shapes, sizes, religions, and colors.  The world would be a much better place if  we learned a few things from these little children.  I am here to teach my children and to mold them into great adults but I find that they teach me too and they are molding me each and everyday.  Thank you babies.......

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