Sunday, September 27, 2009

Missing Her Bubba

I love how my kids are so close.  I always knew that I wanted a tight knit family and I do not know exactly how  it came to, maybe it is our family home evenings,  going to church every sunday,  or the bike rides we take.  I really do not know how it happened  but my kids really truly very close.  I thought Milani would really like the time alone with her mom during the day while Tama is at school, but she is lonely without him.  She looks for him during the day and there is the constant "where did bubba go, I can't find him".  But when 2:00 comes around she is ready with shoes on and at the door.  I love to see her eyes light up when she sees him coming down the hall.  She runs toward him screaming bubba and hugs him like he has been gone for years.  This is her routine everyday.   And I do have to say that he is the same way he acts all tough, but he babies her more than we do.  Maybe thats why she cries for him instead of me or Clarissa.  I love to see them jumping on the trampoline,  reading books,  doing homework together (Baby Tama gives her homework when he comes home from school)  When I get a chance to sit back and see my kids  all I can say is God is good because this is what it's all about.   

Winner at Heart

September 12, 2009 was our first lost.  It taught me a life long lesson.  The game was a pretty tough game and I would say that most of our guys had already lost even before they touch the field.  See all week the head coach kept saying how hard this team was to beat, and that they had never beat them before and how fast and strong they were.  If our leaders do not believe we can do it how do our children believe they can do it.  I really think we had the potential and definitely we have the talent on our team to have beat the Norfolk Saints, but in reality we did not.  After the game the older more competitive boys on our team were crying because they were so upset for there defeat.  And my son he was so happy and excited.  He was saying "how great the game was and how fun it was".  I looked at him and asked him if he knew that his team lost.  And he looked straight at me with these big happy brown eyes and said:  No body got past me,  I did a great job and that means I didn't lose.  I had to smile and said you are right son.  I could have told him it was a team sport and when one loses they all lose, but I think what he said taught me a lesson that I should learn to apply in my life more often,  even though you did not get the outcome you wanted, it is how you played the game.  Therefore, I am glad he walked off that field with his head held high and a big smile on his face.  Because he is a winner at heart at all the things  he does, because he does them to the best of his abilities which means he will never be defeated. What more can a father ask for.  

Sweet And Innocent

Well, the first day of 1st grade came and went so fast.  I was so worried to see how Tama would adjust to 1st grade, a new teacher, new students, and no more year round.  But like always he does things with a positive attitude and supprises us.  Although, he is a big mama's boy and was a little hesitant for us to leave right away, he came home so happy because he made a friend (A Best Friend).  This is  how that story goes:  A little boy from his class also plays for the mustangs, but not on Tamas team he plays for team 2.  So the little boy and Tama recognized each other from previous scrimages and said "hey I know you and he said do you play for the mustangs and Tama said yes and the little boy said cool lets be best friends, and Tama said okay".  So I told Tama, cool you have a friend and he said no a best friend.  So it got me thinking man if only it was this easy when you are an adult.  But with all the hatred, racism, and judgement it is hard to find friends now a days.  Where has our sweet innocence gone?  When do we lose it?  Why do we lose it?  I really am trying to teach my children to love people of all shapes, sizes, religions, and colors.  The world would be a much better place if  we learned a few things from these little children.  I am here to teach my children and to mold them into great adults but I find that they teach me too and they are molding me each and everyday.  Thank you babies.......

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The first game is over. Bring on the rest of the season.  The MUSTANGS spanked the knights four touch downs to zero that is right four to zero.    We trained late last night and got up at 5 this morning to get ready and drive to Chesapeake to play our first game.  We were worried that Tama would not make weight to play.  See he started the season at 80 pounds and he had to drop 5 pounds in order to play and  I refused to put him on a diet because I didn’t think he was big to begin with but he did it by himself he started watching what he ate and exercised more and his determination paid off he had 3 pounds to spare.  I am so happy he likes it, surprised but HAPPY.  See every sport Tama has done, he has started on top.  He  is usually a natural and very atheletic .  For example Taekwando  he is on top of his class with out even trying and its fun for him.   He spars with the black belts and usually wins Therefore he really doesn’t work for it  just comes to him.  Baseball the same he was reffered to as  watch out here he comes heavy hitter.  He even use to hit the ball it to the other  baseball playing fields.  In soccer we got the usual are you sure he is  5 (at that time) I want to see his birth certificate he is to good to be five .  Swimming  He was like nemo the first time they put him in the water while everyone else was hanging on the ledge.  And now football  what I thought he would be a natural at he really has to work hard for it.  He started out the season scared and crying every practice  and now he is loving it and is asking to play spring ball and to be switched to defense.  I can’t  believe  he likes it even though it is difficult for him.  I am so Proud of him.  I don’t know if the win was because they have a great team or it could have been the little prayer we said before the game,  but I do have to say I am one proud parent today and we will be praying before every game J  I hope they have a great season.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Little Lady Is A Diamond In The Rough

Milani Milani what can I say?  So much to say about this little one and she hasn't even been around that long, yet my little girl has had such a big impact in our lives.  She is such a free spirit and she brings us great joy.  As I said before Our children are total opposites (beside their eating habits)  But I find myself enjoying  Milanis' toddler years more  because she is a whirl wind.   Tama was very easy (a little angel) in his toddler years, but Milani is the kid that hides in clothing racks at the stores,  tells people things that you wish she wouldn't have, and  she says I'm not listening when you are scolding her.  And even if at the time of all those events we are angry and say I wish she was easier,  I really don't because I love her for who she is.  Dont get me wrong she does say please and thank you. and is sweet at times but she does have that bad girl attitude and she can really hold her own and I love it.  I know there is one thing for sure everyone in nursery knows what to play with and what not to when Nani walks in the   door. On a real note if I am trying to best describe Milani it would be unforgetable.  I know that she leaves a lasting immpression and it is one that I hold close to my heart.

Our Little Man Is Growing Up

Week four in our football season and our first game is this saturday (The Tigers are going down).
All I have to say is I am really proud of my son.  He is the youngest (not the smallest) in the team and every other kid has done 3 or more years of  tackle or flag and he was thrown right in the mix,  but he is catching on quickly.  Maybe its all the yelling or push ups that the coach makes him do but whatever it is its working.  He is playing right guard for right now but we will see what his future brings.   He is also going to be testing for his red belt recommened  at the end of the month so watch out jackie chan.  Two more belts and he will be a black belt and no longer be Baby Tama but will have to be called Mr. Tuinei how weird is that?  He will also be starting school in a few days and is very excited. ( big 1st grade)  Ya mom is going to cry all day (again).  Baby Tama is growing up very well rounded and we are very blessed and proud.