Saturday, September 5, 2009


The first game is over. Bring on the rest of the season.  The MUSTANGS spanked the knights four touch downs to zero that is right four to zero.    We trained late last night and got up at 5 this morning to get ready and drive to Chesapeake to play our first game.  We were worried that Tama would not make weight to play.  See he started the season at 80 pounds and he had to drop 5 pounds in order to play and  I refused to put him on a diet because I didn’t think he was big to begin with but he did it by himself he started watching what he ate and exercised more and his determination paid off he had 3 pounds to spare.  I am so happy he likes it, surprised but HAPPY.  See every sport Tama has done, he has started on top.  He  is usually a natural and very atheletic .  For example Taekwando  he is on top of his class with out even trying and its fun for him.   He spars with the black belts and usually wins Therefore he really doesn’t work for it  just comes to him.  Baseball the same he was reffered to as  watch out here he comes heavy hitter.  He even use to hit the ball it to the other  baseball playing fields.  In soccer we got the usual are you sure he is  5 (at that time) I want to see his birth certificate he is to good to be five .  Swimming  He was like nemo the first time they put him in the water while everyone else was hanging on the ledge.  And now football  what I thought he would be a natural at he really has to work hard for it.  He started out the season scared and crying every practice  and now he is loving it and is asking to play spring ball and to be switched to defense.  I can’t  believe  he likes it even though it is difficult for him.  I am so Proud of him.  I don’t know if the win was because they have a great team or it could have been the little prayer we said before the game,  but I do have to say I am one proud parent today and we will be praying before every game J  I hope they have a great season.  


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Uhh, was there ever any doubt??? haha...alright, my opinion might be a bit biased! kick there...ankles Tama, yeah, kick their ankles! jk.