Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is Good

I am in a happy place right now. I have two great kids who are healthy and smart (and good looking like me) What more can I ask for? Tama my son is 6 years old and has just started his first year of tackle football. I have to say even if he was scared at first he is really coming around and is overcoming his fear and unleashing his beast as he likes to say. He is really doing good and we are very proud of him. And he no longer wants to be called Baby Tama but you can refer to him as Little T or Beast. I dont know about that. Milani girl is 2 years old now and she is really taking that saying treibble twos to heart. But she is so cute while she does it. Besides her constant talking back and urge to fight she is a little angel ha ha. I do have to say she is very smart she can count to 12 by herself and do puzzles and loves to sing and dance. O before I forget she has offically been nickednamed pow pow and I would have to say it suits her well. They are totally opposite but they complete our little family and make us who we are.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Steps

There is a  secret to a sucessful linger longer okay I am going to let you in on it shhhhh.. here it goes... ADVERTISING it.  As some of you know our new calling is activities coordinator and I have to say it does suit us well.  We have complained and complained about this ward not being close and how we did not feel like a ward family and the Lord said here you go do something about it.  So we have and it has been great .  This calling has been rewarding for us not only by people coming up to us and telling us what a great job we are doing but also when we get to take a step back and see our work in progress people really uniting because we made it possible.  Before we got this calling no one would come to the linger longers and socials and this wouderful sabbath day our room was so filled people were out in the halls,  and even sitting on the floor but no one cared because it was fun and the food was great especially what we took I made it (don't tell Clarissa). It is great to see kids smiling and having fun and the parents mingling and getting to meet new famlies and taking time from there busy lives to just get to know each other.  There are some down sides to our calling like cleaning up afterwards, and   I hate that we have little to no budget but we are optmistic about our future socials and linger longers.  (got to love the potlucks)