Sunday, September 27, 2009

Missing Her Bubba

I love how my kids are so close.  I always knew that I wanted a tight knit family and I do not know exactly how  it came to, maybe it is our family home evenings,  going to church every sunday,  or the bike rides we take.  I really do not know how it happened  but my kids really truly very close.  I thought Milani would really like the time alone with her mom during the day while Tama is at school, but she is lonely without him.  She looks for him during the day and there is the constant "where did bubba go, I can't find him".  But when 2:00 comes around she is ready with shoes on and at the door.  I love to see her eyes light up when she sees him coming down the hall.  She runs toward him screaming bubba and hugs him like he has been gone for years.  This is her routine everyday.   And I do have to say that he is the same way he acts all tough, but he babies her more than we do.  Maybe thats why she cries for him instead of me or Clarissa.  I love to see them jumping on the trampoline,  reading books,  doing homework together (Baby Tama gives her homework when he comes home from school)  When I get a chance to sit back and see my kids  all I can say is God is good because this is what it's all about.   

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Nikia, May and the kids said...

that is a very great sign of things to come with them and it also means, you and clarissa are doing a terrific job of parenting!