Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gift of Giving

Yesterday while I was at work I received a phone call from a Senior Chief telling me that I won a free Christmas tree. My name was submitted by my Master Chief and luckily my name got picked. I was so excited because my wife wanted a real Christmas tree this year, instead of our fake one that we've had for so many years. Later on that day I told my wife and she was excited as well. I'll be picking it up today but I won't be taking it to my house. My wife and I just found out that my neighbors parents just moved in their new house and don't have furniture, beds, nothing at all. Not even a Christmas tree. Well, they kind of have a tree, if you think a drawing of a Christmas tree on a wall counts. I felt sad when I heard that. They have their Christmas gifts against the wall that has the drawing of a Christmas tree. How sad is that? So my wife and I decided that instead of us having a real Xmas tree this year, we are going to give it to my neighbors parents. So they too can have a very merry Christmas like the rest of us. They are really cool people too. I've met them and they mean well. They don't know that I will be coming over their house today with the tree. Its going to be a surprise they will never forget. It feels good when you have the chance to help others, and I hope that my kids will learn from this. It's not always about getting what you want, but helping others who are in need. Now that is a true gift worth wanting.

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